We have quick solutions to help you get rid of your debts. Consolidation loans from $500 to $5000 to help consumers like you consolidate their debts in one single small monthly payment on amortization between 12 and 120 months.

You can be free of debt in 120 payments or less.

As credit counselors and private lenders, we have helped hundreds of consumers get rid of their debts.

  • Talk to one of our trained credit counselors to assess your current situation.
  • Identify the debt consolidation solution according to your needs.
  • Develop a payment plan that fits your budget so you can stop struggling to pay your bills.
  • If necessary, we will negotiate with creditors to reduce or eliminate interest charges so that you can get rid of your debts faster.

Less bills, more freedom!

Reduce your debt, restore your credit score, and relieve your stress with a debt consolidation loan.

Why consolidate?

  • Combine and pay your existing debts or bills.
  • Make only one flexible monthly payment.
  • Deal with a single local business.
  • A single fixed rate that never rises.

Save hundreds if not thousands of dollars this year with a personalized plan to pay your invoices, credit card bills, margins of credit, car payments, furniture, home improvement, and more.

A Fast and Safe Online Loan Application

-Fixed payments that you can afford are manageable.
-Unsecured loan options, so you can get the money you need.
-Service in Quebec City, Montreal, Laval and throughout Quebec.


When you have money problems one of the best ways to get out of it is without a doubt the consolidation of your debt. This process allows for the consolidation of all or your unpaid bills, all of the outstanding balances on your credit cards, etc. and to borrow the amount needed to get out of those debts. You’ll have to make only one monthly payment, which is much easier to deal with.

Being overly in debt, on top of being expensive as far as interest rates go, adds stress to daily life, causes anxiety, and can be a source of conflict in your family. Debt reduction will allow you to solve your financial problems and will improve your quality of life. If organizing your finances seems insurmountable, a quick loan to consolidate your debts is a very advantageous solution. Thanks to a loan, our team can help you and allow you to breathe more easily.

How do you get there? The loan can be requested very easily thanks to the form. All you have to do is fill out the form and return it dually filled out. Your file will be studied and you will quickly receive an answer. As far as the requirements to be accepted, they are few: having a stable source of income over the last 3 months, having a bank account, being at least 18 years old, and residing in Quebec. So, even if you are unemployed, on social security, or retired, send us your request without delay.

The consolidation of debts is an excellent way to improve your financial situation, to end the cycle of being overly in debt, and to gain a clearer understanding of your finances.

A debt consolidation loan allows you to borrow an amount equal to all of your small debts and to pay them off. Then, you will only have to make one payment per month, and most of the time with a much lower interest rate than what you are currently paying. We know very well that unpaid credit card debts make up a large part of accumulated debts and that institutions that issue cards have outrageous interest rates.

Our team of private lenders commits itself, along with a debt consolidation loan, to offer you an impeccable service which will attend your needs thanks to very flexible conditions. You can therefore restore your financial situation and end a very stressful chapter of your life.

Furthermore, all of the requests for personal loans are carefully studied, whether they come from people receiving employment insurance, social assistance, CSST, retirement, or disability benefits. The only conditions for our lenders are the following:

  • Having stable income over the last 3 months;
  • Being a resident of Quebec;
  • Being at least 18 years old;
  • Having a bank account.

So that we can move on to the evaluation of your file, please send us the filled out borrowing application form. We guarantee that we will do everything we can to help you.

Bad Credit Debt Consolidation Loan

Consolidate all of your debt into one loan and save a lot of money in doing so! Thanks to a quick $10000 loan for debt consolidation, you will reimburse the amount due much more quickly. Our interest rates are the best on the market and we only require few guarantees.

The advantages of debt consolidation

When we have several debts spread out all over the place, we lose control of our finances: we don’t remember the interest rate of each debt nor do we remember their payment dates. This is how we end up paying too much for nothing. A debt consolidation loan aims to help you save money by consolidating all of your debts in one single loan. You could save thousands of dollars in interest rates!

Who can borrow money?

Everyone can try their luck and apply: retired people, recipients of employment insurance, disability, retirement, or CSST benefits , or people who have declared bankruptcy.

We will do everything possible to help you and to discuss the best arrangement possible with you. For example, you can spread out your payments over a period of one to five years. Our private lenders are here for you. Contact us without hesitation!

12 Replies to “Debt Consolidation – What is the best solution?”

  1. Hello, I am from Ontario Canada and seeking a $2000 loan to pay off my credit card and taxes, having a bad credit score it is impossible for me to get to this amount. I have filled out the loan application form online, did it work?

    1. Your $2000 personal loan has been accepted, Ms. Bédard, I am sending you the contract for loans between individuals, for the transfer of funds, you will have to wait until tomorrow morning. Please send the signed contract to me before tomorrow at 9:00am.
      Thank you

  2. Hello would like a $4000 loan, I need to pay off my credit card debt as soon as possible!
    How do I know if I have been accepted??

    1. Send the loan application form and we will carefully study your information. We are very likely able to help you.

  3. I really think that a debt consolidation would be the solution to my problems because I don’t want to go bankrupt. I completed the form for a $27 000 loan and I’d like to have an answer as soon as possible. Thank you.

    1. Hello Jennifer, Your loan request is accepted and we prepared a contract which, we believe, will meet your needs. We’ll send it to you by e-mail within one hour and you’ll just have to sign it if you agree with our proposition. Congratulations!

  4. I had a very difficult divorce and I had to spend a lot of money on legal fees. Because of that, I have accumulated debts on my credit cards and I want to pay them now. That’s why I filled out your form for a $15 000 loan. I hope to have a positive answer because the interest charges cost me a fortune.

    1. Hello Jeffrey. Thanks to our low interest rates, you will save a lot of money. As your loan application has been accepted, you will receive the contract soon for signature if, of course, you accept our terms. When you return it, we will transfer the funds.

  5. Someone advised me to do a debt consolidation by telling me that it was an advantageous solution for me. It would take me $14 000 to repay everything. I have filled in the form, but I have not indicated the amortization period that I would like because I prefer you to make proposals to me taking into account my financial situation. Thank you.

    1. Hello Diana, Indeed, debt consolidation is often a good solution to get out of a bad financial situation. We have analyzed your request and one of our lenders offers you two proposals :
      – $14 000 to pay back over 4 years for monthly payments of $329.62
      – $14 000 to pay back over 5 years for monthly payments of $272.61
      We have prepared two contracts, which we have just sent you be email, and you will only have to sign the one you choose and return it to us.

  6. My wife is deceased 5 months ago and I have a lot of trouble getting over it. She had no insurance and I had to pay the funeral expenses of $8000. Today, I have several late accounts and I want to pay them back and have only one payment. That’s why I filled out your form for a loan of $4000. That will help me a lot. Thank you.

    1. Hello Aaron. It’s our pleasure to inform you that your request has been approved. You will receive your contract soon, and when you sign and return the contract, we can transfer the money to your bank account. Have a nice day.

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