Get $3000 fast money in 24 hours or urgent online loan in less than 1 hour. Installement loans for people with bad credit.

We all occasionally need extra money. Credit card rates can be very high, your card may be full and you need $3000 for an emergency. Maybe you need to make a big purchase or make improvements at home.

Whatever the reason for your online application, short and long term monetary concerns can be easily solved with the help of personal loans between fast individuals, offered through our website.

One of the great advantages of lending between individuals is that no credit investigation is done and everyone has the chance to see their application accepted. Thus, unemployed persons, retirees, welfare recipients, disability insurance providers or the CSST all have the opportunity to obtain a loan. Even people whose credit is bad get a second chance.

All you have to do to apply for a $3000 loan is to complete the form and return it to us.
After analysis, we will keep you up to date on the progress of your file.

Loan of $3,000 over 6 months

  • 1 year – 12 monthly payments of $ 264 for a total of $3,160
  • 2 years – 24 monthly payments of $ 142 for a total of $3,400
  • 5 years – 60 monthly payments of $ 63 for a total of $3760
Here is the online $ 3000 loan form

Here is the online $ 3000 loan form

8 Replies to “Bad Credit Welcomed – $3000 loans”

  1. Hello, I’m Canadian and I would like to know if I can borrow $ 3,000 ? I have a steady income of $2800 monthly but I my son needs braces. I can afford $100/biweekly payments. I leave in Ontario btw.

    1. we give loans to people who have bad credit. Why? Because we first consider the ability to pay of our customers. Feel free to fill out the form, we can probably help you. Looking forward

  2. The last 12 months were very tough for us financially. I lost my job and my husband was on sick leave for 5 months, so its income decreased. We now have a bad credit score because we were unable to pay bills on time, and we still have some bills to pay. A $3000 loan would really help us to go through this hard period. I filled in the form last night and I wonder if you have received it. Thank you.

    1. Hello Mrs Carter. Yes, we have received your request, and we are pleased to inform you that your loan was approved. You will receive the contract before 12:00 for signature. Thank you.

  3. I started a new job a month ago, but before, I worked for a year at the same place. I filled in the form for a loan of $2500, but in the employment section, I only wrote the one I’m currently working on. Do you need the name of my previous employer?

    1. Hello Marlon, To put the odds on your side, we suggest you tell us the name of your former employer. We will return your form and you can add its name at the bottom, in the space provided for comments. Thank you.

        1. Hello Marlon, Your request has been accepted and you will receive the contract to sign before the end of the day. When you return it to us, we will transfer the funds. Have a nice day!

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