Whether it be for home improvement, facing large expenses, or paying off debt, Online loans can offer you a mortgage loan at a very competitive interest rate. Our lenders have all of the sums necessary to meet your needs, regardless of whether you make a request for a first or second mortgage, and even if your credit score isn’t the best. We know at what point financial institutions aren’t inclined to accepted a loan for people who don’t have excellent credit.

Choosing to mortgage your home when we need a good amount of money is something very common because the interest rates applied to mortgages are a lot lower than those that we find in personal loans, which means good savings. And this is all the more true, when we know that mortgage borrowing is often quite important in terms of money.

Second Mortgage Loan

Buying your house or taking out a second mortgage on the one you already have are not things to be taken lightly. You really have to study the market’s offers before making a decision and compare the loan’s conditions since it will be a long commitment. At Online-loans.ca, our private lenders promise to come to a decision about a repayment plan with you that is adapted to your budget and your ability to repay. You will be dealing with professionals who sincerely want to help you as best they can. Contact us to know the different offers that our lenders can provide.

Getting a Mortgage Loan With a Bad Credit Score

Does your house need reparations, but you don’t have the necessary funds to do it? Would you like to take out a second mortgage to consolidate your debts? If you have thought about a second mortgage, but your financial institution has refused to award you the payment, don’t worry and trust our team of mortgage lenders for people with bad credit scores.

We offer very advantageous mortgage loans to our clients with bad credit scores, with very competitive interest rates, and few required guarantees. We understand that you can be in a delicate situation and we are here to help.

How it Works

When we take out a second mortgage on our residence, in order to determine the maximum that you are entitled to, the property’s value will be considered as well as the balance of the first mortgage. For example, if your house is valued at $250 000 and you have $140 000 to pay off on your first mortgage, the amount of the second mortgage could get up to $47 500 in order for the total sum due not to be more than 75% of you house’s value.

Our agents would be happy to explain the process of researching mortgage loans for people with bad credit in more detail. Contact us for a mortgage loan up to $50 000. Your problems will finally be resolved and you will be able to have a much freer spirit.

A second mortgage: an advantageous solution for clients who need money!

Here is the mortgage loan form

Here is the mortgage loan form

10 Replies to “Poor credit mortgage – Financing 2nd chance credit”

  1. Hi, I leave in Barrie Ontario and I need $20 000 in a second mortgage to fix up my house, my bank refuses to advance the funds to me. I have stable income, but they say that I don’t make enough and that my credit score is bad. Can you help me?

    1. Know that even if your credit score isn’t excellent, our lenders can help you. In certain instances, it is possible to award you the loan you request. After receiving your application, we will analyze your file. Have a nice day.

  2. Hello. I have sent in my application for a $50 000 loan in the form of a second mortgage. I just want to specify that I didn’t put my wife’s income in the application, but if you need it to accept my request, I can add it. She earns $38 000 gross every year. Thank you.

    1. Hello Mr. Phillips. Your wife’s income should be considered if you qualify for a $50 000 loan. The contract you will be receive will be put in your names. With pleasure.

  3. My house needs to have a lot of plumbing and electrical work done, and I am requesting a second mortgage loan of $17 000. Could you please send me some proposals? Thank you in advance.

    1. Here is what we can offer, Mr. Collins, before having looked at your file.
      $17 000 to reimburse over the course of 24 months: monthly payments of about $730
      $17 000 to reimburse over the course of 36 months: monthly payments of about $500
      $17 000 to reimburse over the course of 48 months: monthly payments of about $390
      $17 000 to reimburse over the course of 60 months: monthly payments of about $320
      Hoping to be able to count you among our clients.

  4. I want to pay off my debts by remortgaging my house for $25 000. I have a first mortgage of $130 000 and my house is worth about $225 000. Do I qualify? Thank you.

    1. Hello Drew. At first sight, if your house is worth $225 000, there shouldn’t be a problem. However, we have to, of course, study your file before giving you an answer and that’s why you should fill out the application form. With pleasure.

  5. I need a $30 000 second mortgage to finance a personnal project that is dear to my heart for a long time. Contrary to what I wrote on the form, I would like to spread my payments over 10 years rather than 8 years. Thank you.

    1. Hello Marty. You will certainly be pleased to hear that your loan has been approved. Indeed, one of our lenders has accepted your request and you will receive your contract before the end of the day. As soon as you sign it and return it to us, we will transfer the funds to your bank account. Have a nice day!

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